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One morning, Victor Sharrah woke up in a state of terror as he saw his roommate with distorted features such as pointed ears, enormous eyes, and a slanted mouth that extended to the edges of his face. Despite trying to stay calm, Sharrah was so frightened that he took his dog for a walk, only to encounter people on the street with equally bizarre and distorted faces. This experience made him believe that he had entered a demonic world.

Despite his fears, Sharrah eventually discovered that he suffered from a rare vision condition known as prosopometamorphopsia or PMO. PMO causes faces to appear distorted in various ways. Sharrah saw demons while others may see elves or experience faces melting or changing colors. In his case, the condition persisted for over three years. Researchers at Dartmouth College were able to create images depicting how people with PMO perceive faces in real life by using flat screens.

The cause of PMO remains unknown, but it is believed to be a symptom rather than a disorder. Brain injuries may not always be related to PMO as in Sharrah’s case. Only about 75 cases of PMO have been reported in scientific literature, but more individuals have sought help from experts due to the frightening nature of the condition. PMO is sometimes misdiagnosed as schizophrenia or psychosis.

Sharrah has learned to adapt to his condition and uses tinted glasses to lessen the severity of facial distortions. Although he no longer wears them, the overwhelming presence of distorted faces in crowded places can still be challenging for him. Many patients face the difficult decision of whether to share their experiences with others and risk being perceived as crazy. Sharrah hopes by sharing his story, he can help others with PMO avoid unnecessary hospitalization for psychosis and provide hope for those suffering from this rare condition.

In conclusion, prosopometamorphopsia or PMO is an extremely rare vision condition that causes faces to appear distorted in various ways such as pointy ears, enormous eyes and slanted mouths that extend to the edges of their face like Victor Sharrah experienced one morning when he woke up terrified after seeing his roommate’s twisted features.

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