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During a live broadcast on social media, Antonio Decaro, the mayor of Bari, spoke out about the unfair attacks he has been receiving from various quarters, specifically mentioning national center-right parliamentarians. Despite regularly dealing with such attacks, Decaro found it particularly troubling to see his photo published in national newspapers alongside two women related to Antonio Capriati and labeled as ‘mafia.’

After conducting some investigations, Decaro discovered that the two women were indeed relatives of Capriati but had no involvement in any illegal activities. This incident led him to reflect on the challenges faced by innocent individuals who are unfairly linked to criminal associations. He emphasized that the municipality has always operated within the law and fully cooperated with the Anti-Mafia Access Commission during their inspection.

Decaro also recalled a controversial episode involving Michele Emiliano, president of Puglia Region, which was misrepresented by Emiliano during an event. Decaro clarified the incident by highlighting his past as a young engineer working on mobility issues in Bari’s old city, where he faced resistance from local residents and businesses. He remembered a moment when Emiliano intervened on his behalf to support his efforts in improving the neighborhood.

In conclusion, Decaro emphasized the importance of accurately portraying past events and individuals to avoid misconceptions. He highlighted the collaborative approach taken by the municipality to address challenges and promote community welfare. Despite facing unwarranted criticisms and negative associations, Decaro remained steadfast in his commitment to upholding the law and serving the people of Bari to the best of his abilities.

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