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Amazon has decided to discontinue its “Just Walk Out” self-service technology at Amazon Fresh stores in the United States, opting instead for the “Amazon Dash Cart.” This new technology offers a similar checkout-free experience for customers, with shoppers able to scan items before placing them in the cart and pay automatically without having to wait in line.

According to Jessica Martin, an Amazon spokesperson, the company has been redesigning its Amazon Fresh stores to provide a more convenient and enjoyable shopping experience for customers. Customers expressed a desire for features such as finding nearby products, viewing their receipt, and knowing how much they saved while shopping, which led to the introduction of the Amazon Dash Cart.

While the “Just Walk Out” technology will be removed from Amazon Fresh stores in the U.S., it will continue to be available at Amazon Go stores and smaller Amazon Fresh stores in the U.K. The first cashier-less Amazon grocery store outside of the U.S. was opened in London in 2021.

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