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Jill Chen moved to Denver from China and became a U.S. citizen 10 years ago, and she started her own business, Zume Asian Cuisine near Chambers Road and Interstate 70. A single mother of three, Chen started the business to support her family, emphasizing that it was very important to her.

Chen has found success with her restaurant in large part due to the neighborhood it is located in. Her customers love to come in for a succulent Chinese meal. She credits the success of her business to the supportive and kind people in the community.

Recently, Chen learned that the City of Aurora had bought the Crowne Plaza Hotel across the street to build a shelter for the homeless. At first, she thought it was a great idea, but then she began thinking about how it might affect her livelihood. She started worrying that the business she spent a decade building might suffer as a result.

The City of Aurora has stated that they will work with residents and business owners near the site to create good neighbor plans. While the city has emphasized that outreach about the project has been ongoing, Chen remains anxious about the potential negative impact on her business.

Chen expressed her hope for government assistance to prevent her business from being negatively affected or closed due to this project. She acknowledged that if government doesn’t help, she might not be able to run her restaurant in this area anymore.

Despite these challenges, Jill Chen continues to run Zume Asian Cuisine with dedication and passion for serving her customers delicious Chinese food while supporting her family at once.

In conclusion, Jill Chen’s story is an inspiration of perseverance and hard work despite facing adversity caused by external factors like urban development projects which can disrupt businesses operations

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