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Two sailors from Zadar, Mario Radulić and Marko Birkić, are being hailed for their bravery after saving two stranded fishermen in the Pacific Ocean. The fishermen, Etuati Rabaere and his friend, had been floating in a fishing boat for up to 30 days after their engine broke down and they were swept away from their island of Nonouti.

The sailors spotted the exhausted fishermen from a great distance and made a course correction to rescue them. Despite their own fatigue and hunger, they worked tirelessly to bring the small boat on board the tuna trawler “Marielle.” The fishermen had gone without proper food or water for 30 days, and were on the brink of exhaustion when they were rescued.

The sailors believe that it was the consistent rain that fell during the last 15 days of their ordeal that saved them. The crew had to give them water and food little by little as they nursed them back to health. The 21-member crew of the “Marielle” includes one Mexican, seven Filipinos, 11 Micronesians, and two Croats who are being hailed for their efforts to save the two stranded fishermen. Their actions are being celebrated as a great achievement.

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