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Danna Ximena Astro, a 15-year-old science communicator, recently gave a talk at the Luis Enrique Erro Planetarium of the National Polytechnic Institute as part of the program of the Festival of Women and Girls in Science. During her talk, she discussed NASA’s mission Sagebrush, which aims to take humans back to the Moon. She also emphasized the importance of women’s role in space exploration and how they can inspire future generations to pursue careers in science.

Danna is passionate about science communication and regularly shares her knowledge through her YouTube channel @dannaximenaastro420. Her channel features interviews with scientists, historical data, and new scientific projects. She continues to inspire others with her presentations and is quickly becoming a young and influential science communicator.

Her talk at the Planetarium was well-received by the audience and solidified her position as a respected figure in the field of science communication. As she continues to share her knowledge with others, Danna is sure to make a lasting impact on the future of science education and exploration.

In conclusion, Danna Ximena Astro is an inspiring young science communicator who has already made a significant contribution to the field. Her passion for sharing knowledge through various platforms will continue to influence future generations and inspire them to pursue careers in science.

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