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From the hallowed halls of Alliance Group’s Pukeuri plant in Oamaru to the bustling streets of London, Pure South Handpicked 55 Day Aged Beef has made a big impression on the global stage. Last week, this exceptional product won not one, but two awards at the World Steak Challenge: best grass-fed steak and best ribeye steak.

Shane Kingston, general manager of sales and marketing at Alliance Group, couldn’t be happier with the accolades. He emphasized that these awards are a testament to the hard work and dedication of the farmers who consistently produce the best grass-fed red meat in the world. The beef is carefully aged in a vacuum bag for up to 55 days, resulting in a product that stands out among the competition.

The ribeye steak, specifically, has caught the attention of many with its exceptional qualities. Priced at around $25 for 500g, it offers unprecedented levels of tenderness, along with a robust, zesty, buttery, and creamy flavor profile that provides a deeply satisfying savory experience. These awards serve as a reminder of the high quality of Pure South Handpicked 55 Day Aged Beef and the skill and care that goes into producing it.

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