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Women working as scientists and engineers are distributed differently across different sectors. In the service sector, 46% of scientists and engineers are women, while in manufacturing, only 22% are women. Latvia stands out among EU Member States for its leadership in terms of the proportion of women employed in science and technology. This includes occupations related to the systematic generation, advancement, diffusion, and application of scientific and technological knowledge, as well as technicians or associated professionals.

In 2022, Lithuania had the highest share of women employed in science and technology occupations among EU member states. The French region of Corse also recorded a high proportion of females in these fields. On the other hand, regions with the lowest proportions of females employed in science and technology were found in Malta, Nord-Ovest region of Italy, and Sud region of Italy.

This data was released to coincide with International Day of Women and Girls in Science on February 11th.

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