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The social media platform X, owned by Elon Musk, has come under fire from the White House for promoting anti-Semitism. The recent affirmative response of Musk to a post on X that “Jews are fueling hatred of whites” and his comment “You speak the truth” has sparked outrage. The White House has condemned Musk’s comments, stating that they go against the core values of Americans.

The White House spokesperson emphasized the responsibility to unite people against hate and the obligation to speak out against attacks on the dignity of fellow Americans. They described the spreading of such lies as unacceptable, especially given the increase in anti-Semitic incidents since the war between Israel and Hamas. The comments from Musk are seen as particularly damaging.

In response to this controversy, more and more companies and organizations are suspending their advertisements on X to protest against the increasing disinformation and hate messages on the social media platform. Entities such as IBM, Lions Gate Entertainment, Tesla (an investor in which Musk is also CEO), Apple, and Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz have all taken this step. This trend is likely to continue as companies become increasingly concerned about their brand reputation in light of these controversial statements made by Musk on X.

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