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Aly Mitchell shows her merchandise from Paiya. For a lot more facts, go to

The merchandise girls of Grass Roots Rescue are (l-r) Sherri Cook, Dianna Wheeler, Donna Timlen and Kathi Kressman. For a lot more facts about Grass Roots Rescue, go to

The Lodges of Coastal Delaware employees on hand contain Suzette Chambers, director of neighborhood relations, left, and Kaitlin Labadie, associate director of neighborhood relations. For a lot more facts, go to

Liz Guida from Delaware Hyperbarics provides a absolutely free massage whilst Steve Caldwell speaks with attendees. For a lot more facts, contact 302-313-5555.

Shyann Soja and Jessica Collins from DelMarVa Acupuncture clarify their approaches to guests at the occasion. For a lot more facts, go to

Dr. Ryan Sod from Initially State Wellness &amp Wellness speaks with Georgianna Jackson about their solutions, as assistant Ashley Groom appears on. For a lot more facts, e mail

Karen Glooch, left, and Van Roland of Rehoboth Strength &amp Balance stand at their small business table. For a lot more facts, go to

Matt Carter of Quest is presented with a verify by Wellness, Fitness &amp Leisure Expo owner Kathy Benson. The funds assist Matt and Sarah Carter’s foundation that raises funds to make region beaches and waterways accessible to these with mobility troubles. For a lot more facts, go to SUBMITTED PHOTO

Dr. Shekinah Mast, center, provides guests facts about hearing aids and other audiology solutions. She and her employees, Lauren Franklin, left, and Vanessa Dukes, can be reached at

Providing facts about Highmark coverage are (l-r) Sara Dorey, Joyce Baker and Morgan Catherman. For a lot more facts, contact 844-576-1245.

Hiba Stancofski shows off a image bought from neighborhood photographer Gavin Birl. Assisting with the acquire is Gavin’s sister Sophia.

The Sussex County Vet Center and Delaware Viet Nam Veterans of Delaware are represented by (l-r) Pierre Gabriel, Jim Ferranti, Dan Summers, John Richter, Mike Tuckman, Steve Flynn, Tom Wiker and Pat Moonan.

Golf pro Sam Cresta, left, and fitness instructor Britt Morrison provide facts about American Classic Golf and Britt Marie Fitness. For a lot more facts, go to or contact Britt at 302-703-6662.

Custom Match 360 employees are prepared to answer concerns and give assistance at the expo. Shown are (l-r) Jordan Wiestruck, David Blake, Melissa Kilker, Chris Parker, Bre MacDonald, Alexis Schreiber and Erik Schreiber.

Jordan Amdrell from CNU Match provides a remedy to Vera Sitze through the occasion. For a lot more facts, go to

Tammy Carpenter displays her book Spiritual Synergy: A Ladies’ Manual to Becoming Spiritually Match. For a lot more facts, search for The Farmer’s Porch on Facebook or contact 302-542-4767.

Nicole Walsh from Aerus demonstrates her wholesome and potent vacuum cleaner. For a lot more facts, go to

The employees at Coastal Bath are prepared to assist with bathroom remodels. Shown are (l-r) Stephanie and Fred Garrity, Crystal Taylor and Crystal Garrity. For a lot more facts, go to

Additional than 1,500 guests attended the fifth annual Wellness, Fitness &amp Leisure Expo at Cape Higher March 11. SUBMITTED PHOTO