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The 2024 Shanghai Science Festival kicked off with a science-packed red carpet event in the metaverse. On Saturday morning, 26 renowned scientists walked the red carpet at Zhangjiang Science Hall, marking the beginning of the annual festival. Among the scientists were esteemed individuals such as computer science expert Yao Qizhi, organic chemist Ding Kuiling, and liver cancer specialist Fan Jia, as well as teen inventors and science popularizers.

The theme of this year’s festival is “Science Makes Better Life,” and it will run until May 31, featuring nearly 2,000 events across the city. Utilizing advanced technologies like artificial intelligence, extended reality, and 3D construction, a virtual red carpet was created for the event. As the scientists made their way down the red carpet, various elements like molecular structures, extrapolates, and robots appeared around them in the metaverse, showcasing their accomplishments. Members of the audience gathered to greet the scientists and support their work. Visitors to the festival also had the chance to experience and interact with advanced technologies firsthand.

The use of cutting-edge technology at the festival reflects the innovative and forward-thinking nature of the science community in Shanghai. The red carpet event in the metaverse set

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