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The US Army has recently secured a $4.7 million task order with Sigma Defense Systems, a technology company, to develop a virtual reality intelligence training ecosystem. The Georgia-based firm will work on the Operator Maintainer Immersive Virtual Reality Environment for Intelligence Training (OMNIVORE-IT) project, creating a next-generation training platform for the army. This system will utilize augmented intelligence and spatial computing technologies to provide warfighters with a virtual training space.

The task order reaffirms Sigma’s commitment to implementing advanced solutions that enhance warfighter performance in combined joint all-domain command and control missions. Collaboration with Virginia-based augmented and virtual reality developer Brightline Interactive will facilitate the one-year contract. According to Sigma Defense Executive Vice President Thor James, the ecosystem created will offer soldiers maintenance training on emerging Intelligence Warfighting Function systems and enduring systems across various training domains.

The US Army has been actively pursuing virtual reality training initiatives, including testing virtual indoor military training environments in Texas in March 2021. In February of the same year, a virtual shooting training using an AI-enabled weapon simulator was conducted for special forces personnel in Colorado. A contract was awarded to CAE in 2021 for simulators to train future Long-Range Assault Aircraft pilots. These initiatives demonstrate the army’s dedication to investing in cutting-edge technology that enhances their capabilities on the battlefield.

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