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The Truman City Council held a brief meeting on Monday to discuss the progress of the community building project. Deputy Clerk Carol Becker reported that the city had received a $40,000 grant and about $5,700 in donations this year for the project. She mentioned that $27,200 of the grant had already been spent, and there were still outstanding bills for recent roof and floor work. Once these bills are paid, the grant money will likely be depleted. Additionally, approximately $5,000 of the total donated money had been used for stainless steel backsplash, leaving almost $2,000 remaining.

Becker also announced that the city had received a request for funds from the card club to paint the fireplace room in the community building. However, the card club decided to use their own funds for the project, which was approved by the council.

Utility Foreman Brent Brown provided updates on the 2024 utility budget during the meeting. He stated that no adjustments had been made recently but that a few items had been rearranged. Brown also mentioned that they had received two quotes for power plant roof repairs and were waiting on a third quote before making a decision on how to proceed with repairs and incorporate them into their budget.

The council also approved elections for both fire department and ambulance department officials and passed a resolution to contract with a city official with an amended total amount set aside in their budget accordingly.

In conclusion, while there have been some issues with ongoing construction costs and expenses related to specific projects such as roofing repairs at one of our facilities; overall funding remains strong thanks to contributions from generous donors throughout our community-building effort.

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