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New York, New York–(Newsfile Corp. – March 25, 2023) – Tricorder.Zero™ has announced the launch of its 7-sensor overall health &amp fitness tracker. The patent-pending device combines the most up-to-date technologies with sleek design and style to supply customers with a new overall health and fitness encounter.

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With its seven precise sensors, Tricorder.Zero™ enables customers to monitor their overall health and fitness. The device is equipped with an ENT camera for visualization of the ear, nose, and throat, a higher magnification camera for the outer eye, its microvasculature, and the skin, a thermometer for infrared reading of forehead temperature, a pulse oximeter for recording the heart price and blood oxygenation percentage, a stethoscope for hearing heart sounds, lung sounds, and abdominal sounds, an EKG sensor for visualizing the pattern of electrical activity across the heart, and a physique fat and muscle tone sensor for tracking muscle and fat percentage more than a 30-day period.

Tricorder.Zero™ enables customers to remotely send their actual-time information to their overall health provider or fitness trainer for a extra extensive and holistic evaluation. The device also functions an AI-enabled “safety program for the physique,” which alerts customers when single-sensor information indicates readings outdoors the norm, so they know when to seek a licensed expert’s opinion.

The device also delivers constructed-in medication tracking functions to assistance customers remain on top rated of their medication schedule, and its intuitive app enables customers to view all their measurements in 1 handy spot. Customers can also upload previous records realizing they will be secured finish-to-finish in 1 spot.

Tricorder.Zero™’s compact and wireless design and style tends to make it uncomplicated to transport, and its various sensors make it uncomplicated to track various overall health and fitness metrics at as soon as.

The enterprise is now taking pre-orders for the device. These interested in reserving their Tricorder.Zero™ can do so by going to the company’s web site at

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