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In a tragic turn of events, marathon world record-holder Kelvin Kiptum and his coach died in a car crash in Kenya late Sunday. This news was confirmed by fellow athlete Milcah Chemos, who had gone to the hospital in Eldoret after hearing about the accident. Kiptum was 24 years old and had been on track to become a superstar of long-distance running.

The crash took place on a road between the towns of Eldoret and Kaptagat in western Kenya, right in the heart of the high-altitude region famous as a training base for long-distance runners. Reports indicate that a woman was also in the car and was taken to the same hospital with serious injuries.

Kiptum had achieved immediate success by running the fastest time by a marathon debutant at the 2022 Valencia Marathon. He had won the London and Chicago races the previous year, two of the world’s most prestigious marathons. World Athletics president Sebastian Coe expressed his condolences and stated that Kiptum had set an “extraordinary marathon World Record” in Chicago. Coe also stated that Kiptum would be greatly missed.

This news has shocked and saddened many people around the world who knew and admired Kiptum’s talent and achievements as a runner. His impact on long-distance running will be felt for years to come, and he will be remembered as one of the greatest athletes of our time.

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