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The EU Commission has launched an investigation into Chinese super app TikTok over concerns about inadequate child protection, according to a report by Bloomberg. This investigation is being initiated to ensure that TikTok complies with the requirements of the Digital Services Act (DSA). The DSA is intended to force companies to take greater action against illegal content on the Internet, including hatred and incitement. It also aims to ban manipulative practices that pressure users to make purchases and advertising aimed at children.

TikTok, which is extremely popular with young people, has not yet received any notification from the EU about the investigation, according to a company spokesman cited by Reuters. However, if the investigation finds TikTok to be in violation of the DSA, it could lead to a fine for the China-based parent company, Bytedance.

The European digital guidelines are in place to ensure that companies take the necessary measures to protect children and prevent illegal content on the Internet. The EU Commission declined to comment on the matter as they do not want to jeopardize their ongoing talks with China over trade disputes.

The news of this investigation has sparked controversy among internet experts who argue that social media platforms must take more responsibility for protecting children from online dangers. Some experts believe that TikTok’s popularity among young people makes it particularly vulnerable to abuse and exploitation.

As a result of this investigation, TikTok may face stricter regulations and fines if found guilty of violating the DSA’s requirements for child protection and illegal content removal. It remains to be seen how this will impact TikTok’s ability to continue operating in Europe.

In conclusion, the EU Commission’s launch of an investigation into Chinese super app TikTok highlights growing concerns over inadequate child protection online. If found guilty of violating digital services act (DSA) requirements for child protection and illegal content removal, Bytedance could face significant fines and stricter regulations in Europe.

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