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The Blue Economy, consisting of 10 marine- and ocean-sector industries, continued to thrive despite the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic. Recent statistics released by NOAA and the Bureau of Economic Affairs show that marine activities accounted for $777 billion in sales in 2022, with $476 billion in economic impact. This marked a 1.8 percent increase from the previous year, and the marine sector employment saw a 5 percent increase to 2.4 million jobs, outpacing the national economy.

The Blue Economy is an essential part of American prosperity, as emphasized by NOAA Administrator Rick Spinrad. He stated that the ocean and Great Lakes play a vital role in the overall health of the economy. These industries impact various aspects of our lives and contribute significantly to economic growth.

Among these industries is the marine living resources sector, which includes commercial seafood harvest, processing, sales, aquaculture, and marine-based pharmaceuticals. Despite facing challenges such as a 6.7 percent decline from 2021 to $31 billion, this sector’s resilience was evident as it was still higher than levels seen in 2020.

The Blue Economy has proven its ability to adapt and overcome challenges while continuing to contribute positively to economic growth and sustainability in America.

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