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The war has had a profound impact on the families of soldiers who were called up for reservist service. According to a report by the Association of Social Workers, 58% of social workers have reported worsening alcohol and drug use among wounded military personnel, as well as difficulties with parenting, and 59% have reported worsening behavior in children in these families.

Among the military personnel themselves and their loved ones, 19.11% reported abuse of alcohol and drugs, addictive medications in survivors of military injuries, 58.5% of them reported a worsening situation with alcohol and drugs after “Black Saturday” on October 7. In addition to this, 68.52% reported psychological and psychiatric problems in the families of victims, with 66.56% reporting worsening psychological problems.

The educational situation in these families has also been affected, with 21.76% of social workers reporting a deterioration in this area. Furthermore, many soldiers experience difficulties in realizing their social rights due to economic difficulties (39.41%) or problems with employment (33.82%) after returning from service. It is clear that the effects of war are far-reaching and can have long-lasting consequences for both soldiers and their families.

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