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In recent years, Zagler Bread GmbH, a historic bakery with roots dating back to at least 1717 and believed to have been in operation since the 13th century, has faced financial challenges that led to the company filing for restructuring proceedings with self-administration at the regional court in Ried im Innkreis. This move will affect 178 creditors and 66 employees.

Despite its long history and growth, the company has faced rising personnel costs and underperforming business segment development due to shifts in consumer behavior. The total liabilities amount to 1.77 million euros, with creditors being offered a 30 percent quota within two years.

To address these challenges, Zagler Bread GmbH plans to implement various cost-saving and restructuring measures, including revising the product range, reorganizing branches to centralize production at the Neukirchen an der Enknach headquarters, and focusing on specific market segments. The company will also close sales outlets in Bürmoos and Handenberg but aims to retain around 60 jobs through these efforts.

The restructuring administrator appointed by the insolvency court will evaluate the feasibility of the debtor’s plans to continue the company without further losses for creditors. Despite posting a balance sheet loss of 140,000 euros in 2022 and negative equity of 66,500 euros, management is optimistic about the company’s future as indicated by a positive financial forecast. Total debts amount to 1.37 million euros while property, plant and equipment are valued at 2.767 million euros.

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