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The trumpet sounds in front of the Palacio de La Moneda with a solemn expression on President Gabriel Boric’s face as he stands alone at the door of the Palace to honor the deceased president Sebastian Piñera. This scene is moving and poignant, yet also tragically rare. It reminds us that the weight of democracy falls on the shoulders of imperfect and worldly men and women who have accepted the burden of commanding the destinies of a country.

Despite its own challenges, Chile stands out among mediocrity and upholds its democratic and republican convictions. The recent state funeral of Sebastián Piñera proved to be a solemn affair that showcased the very nature of the State, revealing the strength and fortitude of its leaders. Chile silences the noise when it is necessary and does not let the extremities drag the country into the trenches. It is a matter of will to defend democracy and act responsibly as voters, ensuring that those put in positions of power are well-intentioned and responsible.

Chile has faced its weight with an obvious greatness in the midst of the challenges that afflict the nation. The late President Piñera once referred to Chile as an oasis, alluding to its economic and material progress. However, this oasis was crossed by inequality that was decreasing much slowly than income was growing, causing citizens to not experience

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