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Gallup Mckinley County Schools teacher Kim Etsitty has been chosen as a 2024 Science Communication Fellow by the Ocean Exploration Trust (OET). Originally from Chinle, Arizona, Etsitty will be sailing on OET’s Exploration Vessel Nautilus this autumn as part of a deep ocean team involved in a unique STEAM initiative that explores deep-sea biology and geology within Palau National Marine Sanctuary.

Etsitty is one of 13 fellows from various schools, science centers, and non-profit organizations throughout the Pacific and North America who were selected from a competitive pool of applicants. She expressed her excitement about the opportunity to engage with classrooms worldwide and share insights about the importance of water. Etsitty believes that the ecological knowledge of Indigenous peoples, including the Diné worldview, can contribute to the restoration of the land and waters. She sees her selection as a chance to serve as a role model for future Indigenous scientists and to exchange cultural perspectives with leading scientists.

During her time at sea, Etsitty will have the platform to connect with learners through You can learn more about Kim and her upcoming experience by visiting the website.

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