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Last night, a powerful thunderstorm swept through the Zagreb region, bringing heavy rain and thunder. The storm is expected to continue on Tuesday, with showers and thunder forecasted for the entire day, particularly along the coast. In some areas, rainfall will be especially heavy, especially in the first part of the morning in central Croatia and in the east, where there will also be a north-easterly wind.

As the day progresses, sleet and snow are predicted for the highest peaks. According to Tomislava Hojsak, B.Sc., HRT meteorologist, temperatures on the Adriatic may reach up to 15 degrees Celsius during the day but are expected to drop significantly in the afternoon. On Wednesday, cloudy and windy weather is expected on the mainland of Croatia with less rain falling primarily in Dalmatia. However, snow and sleet are expected in Lika and Zagora’s higher areas with possible showers with thunder in southern regions.

The second half of Wednesday could see partial clearing with scattered rain mainly in Lika and Dalmatia. Winds are expected to be moderate to strong at times reaching stormy northeast speeds throughout this period. Additionally, on the Adriatic Sea, moderate gales with storms are anticipated from Velebit’s foot towards hurricane force winds as well as local southerly winds during Tuesday night that might turn into a gale by Wednesday evening.

Temperatures are predicted to range from 4 to 9 degrees Celsius throughout Wednesday on land while dropping between 10 and 16 degrees Celsius on the Adriatic Sea.

Overall it looks like another wild weather event is set for Croatia’s coastal regions as forecasters predict heavy rainfall combined with strong winds along with some sleet and snow possibilities

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