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Jens Stoltenberg, NATO Secretary General, has visited Belgrade and addressed the recent build-up of Serbian army forces on the border with Kosovo. He expressed concern that this could lead to an escalation of the situation and called for an end to the violence in the north.

During a joint press conference with President Aleksandar Vučić, Stoltenberg announced that NATO had deployed an additional 1,000 soldiers and heavy weapons to Kosovo after a recent conflict. He emphasized NATO’s commitment to maintaining peace and urged both Kosovo and Serbia to work towards reducing tensions and avoiding actions that could contribute to further escalation.

Stoltenberg voiced support for the formation of the Union of Serbian Municipalities (ZSO) and encouraged dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina under the European Union’s auspices. Discussions also took place about the possibility of joint exercises between Serbia and NATO. Vučić emphasized the importance of cooperation with NATO, expressing hope that NATO could provide security for the Serbian people in Kosovo. Stoltenberg reiterated NATO’s respect for Serbia’s military neutrality while highlighting its long-term partnership with Serbia.

Stoltenberg praisedSerbiaandNATOs cooperation in various areas such as Science for Peace, energy security, environmental security, cyber defense after visiting Sarajevo and Pristina he will continue his Balkan tour in North Macedonia to meet with leaders of NATO members from the region.

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