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Recently, State Comptroller Matanyahu Engelman issued a warning about a concerning phenomenon involving lawyers approaching wounded service members in hospital rooms and persuading them to sign representation agreements on the spot. This is done in order to obtain rights from the Department of Defense. Engelman expressed concern that these wounded individuals are being persuaded to sign agreements without fully understanding whether representation is truly necessary.

It is important to note that the law imposes strict limitations on the fees that lawyers can receive for representing patients during medical examinations at the National Insurance Institute. However, no such restrictions exist for medical examinations at the Ministry of Defense. This lack of regulation has led some lawyers to take advantage of vulnerable wounded military personnel by offering their services in exchange for significant fees.

The Department of Rehabilitation of the Ministry of Defense has emphasized that wounded military personnel receive all necessary services free of charge during their hospitalization and for the first four months of rehabilitation after hospitalization. Only after this period might some individuals require representation during medical commissions. It is crucial that these individuals make an informed decision about whether they need legal representation before signing any contracts with lawyers.

The Bar Association has stated its intention to take action against lawyers who actively approach wounded service members with offers of their services, particularly if done so in a hospital setting. The association believes that it is essential to protect vulnerable individuals from being taken advantage of by unscrupulous lawyers who seek to exploit their vulnerability for financial gain.

In conclusion, it is crucial for wounded military personnel to be aware of their rights and make informed decisions about whether they need legal representation before signing any contracts with lawyers. The government and legal associations must continue to work together to ensure that vulnerable individuals are protected from exploitation by unscrupulous lawyers seeking financial gain.

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