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The Seahawks and Titans have announced that they will hold joint practices ahead of a preseason game in Nashville this summer. This will be the first time that head coach Brian Callahan will lead the Titans during these sessions, joining fellow first-year head coach Mike Macdonald, who is taking over for Pete Carroll as the Seahawks’ head coach.

The Seahawks and Titans also faced off in Week 16 of last season, with the Seahawks coming out on top with a 20-17 win against a team led by quarterback Ryan Tannehill. These joint practices will give both teams an opportunity to work on their skills and strategies before the regular season kicks off.

The Seahawks and Titans have held joint practices together 12 times since 1999, but this will be Callahan’s first time leading the team during these sessions. Macdonald, who is new to his role as head coach, will also benefit from working alongside Callahan and learning from his experience.

These practices are scheduled for August 14 and 15, with the game taking place on August 17. The game will provide both teams with an opportunity to test their skills against each other before they start playing games that count in the regular season.

Both coaches are excited about this opportunity to work together and learn from each other’s experiences. They believe that these practices will help them improve their team’s performance in the upcoming season.

Overall, these joint practices represent an important step towards getting ready for the new season for both teams. They offer a unique chance for two NFL first-year head coaches to work together and learn from each other’s experiences before they start playing games that count in the regular season.

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