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Science North, a popular attraction in Sudbury, Ont., is preparing to say goodbye to one of its most beloved residents, Kash the beaver. Kash has been a part of the Science North family since 2016 when he first arrived as a kit. However, as he has grown and matured, Kash’s need for social interaction with other animals, especially other beavers, has increased.

As a result of this change in Kash’s life, Science North is working to find him a new home. Amy Henson, the center’s senior scientist, shared that they are collaborating with another facility to provide Kash with the social engagement he needs. While they cannot yet disclose the exact location of Kash’s new home, it is a facility that Science North has worked closely with in the past.

Despite Kash’s departure from Science North, visitors can still enjoy a wide variety of animals at the center. While there are currently no plans to acquire another beaver as a replacement for Kash, the enclosure will be used for smaller animals such as turtles and some fish species. Henson emphasized that despite his departure from Science North, visitors will still have many opportunities to learn about and appreciate different animal species.

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