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In today’s fast-paced business world, data has become a valuable resource for many companies. Managing it correctly can make a significant difference in the race to digitize and improve processes. SAS has announced an alliance with Microsoft to advance the integration of generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions on its SAS Viya advanced analytics platform. This strategic partnership is an opportunity to explore the next frontier in data management: generative AI solutions.

A recent comparative study by The Futurum Group revealed that SAS Viya is faster and more cost-effective than commercial and open-source alternatives. This data management offered through the platform extends across various sectors, and SAS continues to look for ways to increase its speed, scalability, and efficiency.

The SAS Viya platform includes functions such as bias detection, model monitoring, governance, or accountability to demonstrate regulatory bodies the efforts being made to achieve responsible AI. Additionally, it has launched internal training on responsible innovation where its employees can discover how SAS software helps analysts use correct data processing.

Data and statistics have been integrated almost transversally into sports, where AI and machine learning technologies can find patterns and trends that coaches can use to develop better strategies for the team and help each player perform better. For instance, the French Rugby team has only lost four of their last thirty official matches due to these technological advancements.

SAS’s partnership with Microsoft can help companies achieve greater decision speed using capabilities like synthetic data, digital twin simulation, and large language models. These technologies can find patterns and trends that coaches can use to develop better strategies for the team and help each player perform even better, as demonstrated by the success of the French Rugby team.

In conclusion, managing data correctly is crucial for companies looking to digitize processes and improve efficiency. The integration of generative AI solutions is a significant step forward in this process, providing new opportunities for businesses in various sectors to gain insights from their data more quickly and accurately than ever before.

With its partnership with Microsoft, SAS is leading the way towards responsible innovation by integrating AI into sports while ensuring ethical considerations are taken into account throughout the development process. By leveraging these technologies alongside traditional methods such as bias detection and model monitoring governance or accountability functions provided by SAS Viya platform will further support organizations in achieving greater decision speed while maintaining high ethical standards.

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