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The Paris Games are approaching, and with it comes the potential for increased inappropriate behavior and violence against women. In response to this concern, several safety apps have been developed to help women feel safer and facilitate police intervention. One such app is The Sorority, created in 2020 for an exclusively female audience. It allows users to alert the 50 closest people with their GPS position in case they feel unsafe.

Other women in the area receive a notification and can offer help, contact the person in distress, or notify the police if necessary. Users like Maja and Emma have found reassurance in using The Sorority after experiencing threatening situations. With 90,000 verified users, the app now collaborates with law enforcement to ensure quick and effective response to alerts.

Another app, Come, also provides safe places for people to seek refuge in case of danger. This initiative has been especially helpful for women who fear walking alone at night, as highlighted in a report by the Higher Council for Equality between Men and Women in France. By empowering individuals to seek help and creating networks of safe places, these initiatives contribute to a safer and more inclusive community for everyone during large-scale events like the Olympic Games.

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