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Russia has seen a surge in the number of citizens joining the army as professional soldiers. Over 100,000 people have signed military service contracts since the beginning of the year, with 16,000 signing up in the past 10 days alone. Many of these individuals cited their desire to avenge the victims of terrorism, particularly in response to the tragic event in Moscow on March 22.

The Russian Ministry of Defense explained that the motivation for many candidates to sign contracts was driven by a desire to seek justice for those affected by the Moscow tragedy. As per current laws, conscripts cannot be mobilized for combat missions outside the country. Therefore, the Russian army is relying heavily on professional soldiers serving long-term contracts. These soldiers receive intensive training and are equipped with modern weapons and technology.

In order to strengthen its military capabilities further, Russia announced plans to establish two additional combined military groups and 30 new units this year. The army also expanded its existing divisions and brigades. The Russian Defense Minister, Sergei Shoigu, unveiled these plans with the aim of enhancing the country’s defense forces.

The tragic incident at Crocus City Hall theater in Moscow has caused tensions between Russia and other countries. Officials from Russia accused Western and Ukrainian intelligence of supporting attackers who carried out this terrorist act resulting in loss of many lives. However, there is no concrete evidence made public linking these claims to Western or Ukrainian intelligence agencies or Ukraine itself which has denied involvement IS-K has claimed responsibility for it while Ukraine denied involvement.

In response to these heightened security threats, Russia is encouraging more citizens to join its armed forces as professional soldiers. Posters and advertisements promoting military service are widespread across cities throughout Russia.

Overall, Russia is seeking to strengthen its defense capabilities through increased recruitment of professional soldiers and investments in modern weapons technology as it faces evolving security challenges from various sources around

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