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On the evening of February 9, the Russian army carried out another attack against infrastructure and industrial facilities in Ukraine. The Ukrainian air defense forces managed to shoot down 23 out of 32 suicide bombers that were used in the attack. However, the Russian army’s continued attacks on Ukrainian infrastructure and facilities have caused severe harm and damage. There were reports of explosions in several regions, including Kharkov, Kherson, Nikolaev, and Odessa.

As a result of these attacks, at least seven people were killed. Tragically, this number includes the deaths of three children: a six-month-old baby and two other children aged four years and seven years old. The use of kamikaze UAV “Shahed-136/131” (Geranium-2/1) during this latest attack illustrates the severity of the situation that Ukraine is facing. With the high number of casualties and widespread damage caused by these attacks, the Ukrainian people are suffering greatly from the ongoing conflict.

According to Oleg Sinegubov, head of the Kharkov regional military administration, at least seven people became victims of the Russian attack on Kharkov. The explosions that occurred affected several regions in Ukraine. As a result, there was a significant loss of life among civilians due to these attacks.

The Ukrainian air defense forces did manage to hold off a significant portion of the attack by shooting down 23 out of 32 suicide bombers used in it. However, it seems that Russia continues its aggressive actions towards Ukraine’s infrastructure and facilities.

The use of such destructive weapons is a clear violation of international law and human rights standards. It is important for Russia to stop its aggression towards Ukraine as soon as possible before it causes further harm and damage.

In conclusion, Russia’s continued attacks on Ukrainian infrastructure and facilities have resulted in severe harm and damage to civilian populations across different regions in Ukraine. The Ukrainian people are suffering greatly from this ongoing conflict due to high casualties among civilians and widespread destruction caused by such attacks. It is crucial for international leaders to intervene immediately to stop Russia’s aggression towards Ukraine before it causes any further harm or damage to civilians or their property.

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