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Tensions between North and South Korea are currently at a boiling point. The two nations, who are technically still at war with each other, have been engaging in a bitter back-and-forth of military actions and propaganda broadcasts. In recent weeks, North Korea has been sending balloons filled with garbage over the border in response to anti-Pyongyang propaganda balloons sent by activists in the South.

In response, the South Korean government has completely suspended a 2018 military arrangement and resumed propaganda broadcasts on loudspeakers along the border. This has angered North Korea, who have warned of creating a new crisis if the loudspeaker broadcasts continue.

The South Korean military has been closely monitoring signs that North Korea may be installing loudspeakers in a garden near the border. Experts caution that this decision could have serious consequences and could lead to an escalation of tensions between the two countries.

Despite the ongoing tension, there have been no unusual movements from North Korean soldiers near the border following a warning shot by South Korean forces. There is constant monitoring of the forces in the area to ensure that any potential threat is quickly identified and addressed.

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