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The use of artificial intelligence in digital biopsy scans has revolutionized the field of pathology. The technology developed by imagene, a promising Tel Aviv start-up company founded in 2020, has allowed for quick and accurate identification of cancerous tumors within minutes. This is a significant improvement over traditional biopsy testing methods, which can take up to a month and often result in patients’ lives being put on hold while waiting for an answer.

The Sheba Medical Center was one of the first to implement this new technology, with Prof. Iris Brashak, the director of the pathology laboratory and chairman of the Israeli Pathology Association, leading the charge. Since switching to digital scanning of biopsies, doctors have been able to view samples from anywhere in the world and provide quick answers to patients even when they are not in the laboratory.

The computers in the pathology lab now work overtime, using artificial intelligence algorithms to identify cancer characteristics and mutations present in the sample within a few minutes. This allows for more precise treatment options and better outcomes for patients.

One example of this technology’s effectiveness is seen with metastatic lung cancer patients who previously had to wait three weeks for genetic sequencing results before starting treatment. With digital biopsy scans, these patients can now receive an initial answer within a few minutes, allowing for faster treatment decisions and potentially saving lives.

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