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The Croatian police have launched a thorough investigation into more than 50 digital devices that were seized from eight suspects of child pornography. The aim of the investigation is to determine the number of crimes committed, whether the suspects shared photos with child pornography, and how they obtained the photos. One of the suspects has been arrested, and a child was saved in an international operation called “Mosaic.” However, the Croatian police have not disclosed much information about the investigation. Meanwhile, their counterparts in Slovenia have revealed more details about eight Slovenian citizens who were arrested on suspicion of sexually abusing children and minors over the internet. These suspects are believed to have accessed dark web links and used virtual Internet connections and public, unprotected access to obtain pornographic material depicting sexual abuse of minors. Three individuals were also arrested for child pornography in Montenegro as part of an operation called “Temid.” The main suspects in both countries used cryptocurrency to make purchases and conceal their actions and identities while accessing the dark web to obtain material depicting sexual abuse of children. The investigation involves analyzing digital devices and gathering evidence to prosecute the suspects for their crimes.

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