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French football expert Arsene Wenger, who led Arsenal for 22 years and played a key role in the history of English football, has now joined FIFA and is focused on the development of football around the world. Wenger’s latest project involves working with India to improve its football scene. During a meeting with the president of the Indian Football Association, Kalyan Chaubey, Wenger expressed his fascination with India and his belief that it has great potential to become a major player in world football.

“India has always fascinated me,” said Wenger. “My goal is to improve football in the world, and it is impossible that there is no country like India on the map that hasn’t achieved great success in this field.”

Wenger believes that India has many strengths and characteristics that make him optimistic about what can be done there. He is excited to work with Igor Štimac, who is currently coaching both the senior national team and the U23 national team. Štimac has been on the bench for 46 games so far, winning 19 times, drawing 13 times, and losing 14 games.

“Igor Štimac will also play a role in this project,” said Wenger. “He has been doing a great job with both teams, and I believe he will be an important asset as we work together to develop football in India.”

Overall, Wenger is confident that with his expertise and passion for football, he can help transform India into a major force on the global stage. He wants to convince people of the potential here but also remind them that it’s not fully explored yet waiting to be discovered.

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