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The Massachusetts healthcare sector is currently facing scrutiny from lawmakers, who are in the process of discussing private equity ownership. This topic is being explored as Steward Health Care, which owns nine hospitals in the state, is facing a financial crisis.

The transparency of Steward Health Care has been called into question, prompting further investigation by lawmakers. There are concerns about the potential consequences if the company were to pull out of the state, as this action would limit access to healthcare for hundreds of thousands of individuals. Governor Maura Healey has placed responsibility for the company’s financial crisis on its management, further intensifying the scrutiny on Steward Health Care’s operations.

Lawmakers are emphasizing the importance of transparency in healthcare ownership, especially in cases involving private equity firms. Greater accountability and oversight are necessary to ensure that the healthcare needs of the population are met and that financial crises like the one faced by Steward Health Care can be avoided in the future. By addressing these issues, lawmakers aim to protect the accessibility and quality of healthcare services for all residents of Massachusetts.

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