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President Biden has been praised for his leadership in strengthening NATO, with spokesman Andrew Bates stating that “thanks to his experienced leadership, NATO is now the largest and most vital it has ever been.” This comes as fears have arisen about the potential harm caused by a re-elected Trump, who could damage the core of the alliance and encourage Russian President Vladimir Putin to make military moves against his neighbors. In response, European countries have called for an independent EU military as a backup in case of American support loss.

Meanwhile, Congress has taken steps to prevent a Trump withdrawal from NATO without a two-thirds majority in the Senate, but commentators warn that this may not be enough. The fear is that if Trump were re-elected, he could reduce or completely stop his commitment to NATO. During his rally, Trump also came out against foreign aid budget proposals for Israel and Ukraine, arguing that the Biden administration should toughen measures against illegal immigration at the Mexican border instead.

The issue of illegal immigration continues to be a contentious topic in Congress and on social media. After former Defense Secretary Michael Flynn was pardoned by Trump last year, he took to Twitter to defend him on Network X saying “Michael is stationed to serve our country and someone who continues to disrespect the sacrifices of military families has no ability to be commander-in-chief.”

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