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On the day of Remembrance Day, a video showing four young men attacking another car with their hands and feet was obtained by the editors of the weekly newspaper Novosti. The incident occurred near Nuštra on November 18th as a vehicle with Sombor license plates was attacked by men with Vukovar license plates. Despite the presence of police at the scene, they did not intervene or interview the attackers.

An eyewitness to the attack recorded the incident on his cell phone as he drove slowly in a convoy of cars. He saw an Audi with Vukovar registrations harassing the car with Serbian license plates, causing verbal abuse and physical attacks on its drivers. The witness shared that despite several police vehicles being present, no action was taken against the attackers who eventually left without any consequences.

The witness expressed frustration at the lack of response from the police and criticized their failure to intervene and stop the attack. He also noted that one of the attackers was wearing a shirt with the coat of arms of HOS, and used derogatory language when addressing victims.

A formal inquiry has been sent to the police regarding this incident but no response has been received yet at time of publication.

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