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Nothing, the technology company behind the new messaging app Nothing Chats, has announced that the app will be removed from the Google app store in order to “fix several bugs” related to Sunbird technology. The app, which was launched just a day ago, had promised users the ability to send and receive messages via iMessage on an Android device using Sunbird’s innovative technology. However, after analyzing the application, some users and cybersecurity experts have raised concerns about the lack of privacy and security in the messages sent through Nothing Chats.

Sunbird’s architecture uses a system to send messages to other users without storing them at any point in their journey. This means that messages are only stored on the device and end-to-end encrypted, making it impossible for Sunbird or Nothing to access the content sent in Nothing Chats. However, critics have claimed that Sunbird’s technology does not encrypt messages end-to-end. For example, developer Dylan Roussel has criticized Sunbird for having access to all messages sent and received through the app and that all documents sent are public because Sunbird decrypts messages sent by users and sends them to a cloud server over an insecure connection before storing them in an unencrypted format.

The launch of Nothing Chats was delayed “until further notice” as manufacturers work to address security and privacy concerns raised by some users and experts. Carl Pei, founder of Nothing, had previously stated that he was confident thatNothing Chats would be available on Phone (2) by July 17th but now nothing is mentioned about this date. In a statement, Nothing explained that they are working with Sunbird to fix several bugs related to the app’s functionality and performance issues. They apologize for any inconvenience caused by this delay and assure users that they will continue working towards launching Nothing Chats as soon as possible while ensuring their safety is maintained.

It remains unknown if these issues will preventNothing Chats from ever being released or if it will come out with additional security measures in place

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