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The owner of Hi Grade Shooting Supply, Tracey McMahan, is facing charges after an investigation into her business sales, according to the district attorney’s office. McMahan is accused of multiple theft and receiving stolen property charges following allegations that she failed to deliver guns to customers.

In October, a victim contacted Westmoreland County detectives and claimed that they paid McMahan $4,600 for a combo shotgun but never received the gun or a refund. McMahan allegedly provided excuses for not delivering the firearm, saying it was lost in shipping or damaged before she stopped communicating with the customer.

Another victim tried to sell a Beretta shotgun to McMahan’s business on consignment for $3,500 but never received payment. According to court documents, McMahan was also charged with theft by deception in addition to receiving stolen property and theft charges filed by Pennsylvania State Police.

McMahan was arraigned and released on $50,000 unsecured bond after being accused of not providing goods in exchange for payment and ignoring communications from customers. The investigation into McMahan began after the victim contacted Westmoreland County detectives in October.

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