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Despite their loss in the final to Australia, Pakistan’s cricket veterans have expressed their admiration for the Indian cricket team’s outstanding performance in the World Cup. Wasim Akram, in particular, has acknowledged India’s dominant position in the sport and emphasized that defeats like the one in the final were just a part of the game.

Akram also highlighted India’s cricket infrastructure, citing the effective programs and the depth of talent that sustains Indian cricket. He noted that despite their loss, India had one bad day, and unfortunately, it came in the final. However, he praised India’s structure, money for players, well-thought-out programs and backup talent and remarked that their cricket was in a good place.

Rashid Latif agreed with these sentiments and suggested that the Indian team’s capabilities were on par with the Australians, attributing the loss to psychological factors. Furthermore, Latif praised Mohammed Shami as the standout player for India in the World Cup.

Former Pakistan skipper Misbah-ul-Haq lauded Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli for their leadership. He also highlighted that younger players must have learned a lot from them during the World Cup. In summary, despite their loss to Australia in the final match of World Cup 2019

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