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A 59-year-old fisherman with a cerebral hemorrhagic stroke was transported to Military Hospital 175 in Ho Chi Minh City, along with a 50-year-old patient who had massive abdominal bleeding due to liver rupture after a work accident. The patient, who worked at a construction company, was initially taken to Thuyen Chai Island Hospital for emergency treatment after the accident. First aid doctors and Navy Region 4 transferred the patient to Truong Sa Island Hospital. Many officers and soldiers on the island donated blood to ensure adequate compensation for blood loss.

Doctors at Military Hospital 175 consulted via the Telemedicine remote system and prescribed air transport to the mainland for treatment. The patient was safely transported to the hospital the following morning and continued to be monitored and treated. During the flight, precautions were taken during the transportation process in case the patient developed massive bleeding. Precautions included blood transfusions, fluid replacement, warming, and close monitoring. Two patients were treated on the helicopter during the transport.

Captain and Doctor Nguyen Canh Chung, Head of the Air Emergency Team at Military Hospital 175, noted that this was a special emergency. Doctors specializing in Abdominal Surgery and Anesthesiology accompanied the air ambulance team. On June 11, Captain Nguyen Canh Chung reported that both patients arrived safely at Military Hospital 175 for further treatment and evaluation.

The fisherman had experienced convulsions and weakness on the left side of his body while fishing in the Truong Sa archipelago fishing grounds. He was immediately taken to Thuyen Chai Island Hospital for emergency treatment before being transferred to Truong Sa Island Hospital for further care.

The incident highlights the importance of having access to medical facilities that can provide specialized care in case of emergencies like these two patients faced during their transportation process from Truong Sa Island back to mainland Vietnam.

Overall, it is crucial for governments and hospitals worldwide to invest in advanced telemedicine systems that can facilitate remote consultation between doctors and experts from different locations around the world in real-time. This will not only improve healthcare delivery but also save lives as seen with these two patients’ successful transportation processes from Truong Sa Island back to mainland Vietnam.

In conclusion, accidents can happen anywhere at any time; therefore, it is essential for hospitals worldwide

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