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Hungary’s opposition leader, Katalin Novák, has announced her resignation due to the controversy surrounding her decision to pardon a man convicted of covering up a sex abuse case at a children’s home. In a televised address on Saturday, Novák admitted that she had made a mistake and issued an apology to any victims who felt she had not stood with them.

The local news site reported on the issue, which led to outrage and calls for Novák to step down from Hungary’s opposition. The controversy surrounding the pardon has created a significant challenge for Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, who has been criticized for his handling of the issue.

Novák stated that she had made the decision to pardon the man last year but that it only caught the public’s attention over the past days. She acknowledged that her decision may have caused harm and that she regrets any pain it may have caused.

The pardon has sparked criticism from human rights groups and opposition parties, who argue that it undermines Hungary’s efforts to combat child abuse and sends a dangerous message about accountability for those who commit such crimes.

As Novák prepares to leave her position as opposition leader, she is expected to face questions about her role in the controversial decision and what steps she would take if she were in power today. The resignation has also raised questions about who will succeed her as head of Hungary’s opposition party and what impact it will have on Prime Minister Orbán’s government.

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