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Nvidia Corp. CEO Jensen Huang is optimistic that the cost of developing artificial intelligence will remain below the $7 trillion reportedly fundraised by Sam Altman. He believes that advancements in computing over the next few years will contribute to this, with faster computers reducing the total amount needed for AI development.

In a speech at the World Government Summit in Dubai, Huang emphasized that simply buying more computers is not enough to consider when it comes to AI development. Instead, he highlighted the importance of anticipating that computers will become faster, reducing the overall amount required. As a leader in AI accelerators, Huang is confident that the chip industry will continue to drive down the cost of AI as components are made faster.

Huang’s faith in AI development’s future is rooted in both his belief in speedier computers and advancements in the chip industry. He believes that these factors will play a crucial role in keeping costs manageable for AI development moving forward.

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