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Hall of Fame receiver Terrell Owens weighed in on the topic of quarterbacks who are unfairly criticized in the NFL and shared his thoughts on the criticism that comes with playing that position. He believes that physical conditioning is crucial for any player, especially quarterbacks, and that it should not be dismissed if someone wants to play again. Owens stated that although he may not be in the best shape to play 70 snaps, he still thinks he could be a valuable asset to a team if given the chance.

Owens also spoke out about what he perceives as blackballing from the NFL after his last catch in 2010 and compared it to Colin Kaepernick’s protest during the national anthem in 2017. He has been open about his process of being inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame and how it took until 2018 despite his impressive career stats. Owens sees himself as an example of how some players can be excluded from certain things while others who may not be as talented are inducted. In 2022, Owens played for Fan Controlled Football and scored two touchdowns, continuing to prove his viability as a player. However, Fan Controlled Football canceled its season in 2023, ending Owens’ plans to continue playing.

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