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Persons are observed walking about downtown Newport in the course of The Ocean Race. (WLNE)

NEWPORT, R.I (WLNE) — Newport’s economy was left booming right after The Ocean Race produced a pit quit in the City by the Sea ahead of sailing away to its subsequent location.

“[The Ocean Race] generat[ed] tens of millions of dollars for the city and state economy,” mentioned Evan Smith, president of Find out Newport.

This is the third Ocean Race Newport has hosted. This year, mentioned Smith, the race attracted more than one hundred,000 people today.

When asked how substantially specifically the city profited from the occasion, Smith mentioned they’re nevertheless in the early phases of assessing the financial effect. He mentioned it will take “weeks if not months” ahead of they release a total financial effect statement.

“We’re just thrilled that it was right here,” mentioned Smith. “It began our tourism season — our peak tourism season is May well via October.”

He added that to have a “global occasion — a marquee event” come to Newport in the initially two weeks of May well was a “gigantic kickstart” for the tourism season.

Will Newport be prepared to host future Ocean Race events?

“You know, that is a wonderful query simply because you get so excited and so exhilarated right after you do a single of these factors. You have to step back and assess it,” replied Smith. “Sail Newport deserves mountains of credit for all the operate they did.”

Even so, even though Smith mentioned he “can’t seriously speak on behalf of [Sail Newport] at this time,” he believes the city impressed people today sufficient that they could be invited to bid once more.

“Whether we will go forward and move forward with an additional bid — that would be an additional conversation for an additional day,” he mentioned.

But will you be prepared?

“Speaking on behalf of Find out Newport, we surely would be but we’re not the only organization accountable for this great event” concluded Smith.

Also pleased with the income The Ocean Race brought to Newport was Mayor Xaykham Khamsyvoravong, who mentioned the attendance numbers came in proper on target, which is what he mentioned they had been hoping for from the occasion.

“We had an outstanding quantity of coverage that came with it. We had a lot of on the water followers as properly,” mentioned Khamsyvoravong. “It was a incredibly profitable occasion for the city of Newport.”

The Ocean Race is nevertheless in progress with teams heading to the subsequent location — Aarhus, Denmark.

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