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Americans who had no savings before the pandemic are experiencing increasing financial stress due to inflation, rising interest rates, and the end of pandemic-related aid. In the third quarter of 2023, Americans accumulated over $1.05 trillion on their credit cards, with an average interest rate of around 21.5 percent, the highest since the Federal Reserve began monitoring credit card rates in 1994. A recent report from credit rating company Moody’s revealed that current credit card delinquencies far exceed 2019 levels.

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Experts suggest that financial stress can be alleviated by creating a budget plan and reducing unnecessary expenses to avoid further debt buildup. It is important for individuals to prioritize their finances and take proactive measures to manage their money wisely in order to overcome financial stress during these challenging times.

In conclusion, it is essential for people to understand their options when it comes to managing their finances amidst economic uncertainty. By taking control of their finances through budgeting and financial planning strategies, they can work towards achieving financial stability in these challenging times.

It’s important for individuals who may be struggling financially during this time to remember that they’re not alone in their struggles. There are resources available such as financial counseling services or support groups that can provide guidance and assistance in managing finances effectively.

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