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In recent news, there have been several natural events that have taken place around the world. A rare tornado caused widespread destruction in a remote area, while ice bombs rained down on cars in another shocking occurrence. In Buenos Aires, a major flooding surprise took place, and a dangerous fungus was found at a Seattle hospital.

On a lighter note, moose joined skiers in Wyoming, and a stunning desert scene was captured in Phoenix. However, the search for survivors of a crash that killed 5 marines was hindered by bad weather. Despite this setback, the Coast Guard’s ships breaking ice apart were not to be missed.

In other news, a landslide slammed a piano out of a house as homes in California edged closer to collapse. Aerials captured the destruction caused by the tornado and the rain of ice bombs on cars. The beautiful but messy day in Bountiful was also captured on camera. Overall, these natural events highlight the unpredictable nature of our world and the dangers that come with it.

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