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Kansas City’s impressive run in the second half saw them take a commanding lead. Their success was a result of a fumble recovery, which gave them excellent field position. This allowed Mahomes to execute a 16-yard throw, putting the Chiefs in an even more commanding lead. San Francisco responded with a fierce comeback, scoring 10 yards in their next drive.

Just when it seemed like the game was slipping away from San Francisco, they had another chance to tie things up when they blocked a punt. With this opportunity, the 49ers were able to score with a field goal and bring the game back into play. The tension continued to build as both teams fought hard for every inch of ground. In fact, San Francisco came close to taking the lead again with a go-ahead field goal attempt that nearly went through.

However, just when it seemed like it would be all downhill for Kansas City, they pulled off an impressive block on a crucial pass rushing play. This setback put an end to San Francisco’s hopes of winning and left the game hanging in the balance as both teams prepared for an exciting finish.

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