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Elon Musk, the founder of SpaceX, has made it clear that his ultimate goal is to establish a human colony on Mars. With an ambitious plan to transport one million people to the Red Planet, Musk is determined to make humanity “multi-planetary,” seeing a human settlement on Mars as an insurance policy for civilization.

Musk believes that SpaceX’s Starship rocket will play a crucial role in achieving this goal, comparing future trips to Mars with a flight across the country. While Musk is known for his ambitious timelines, recent statements suggest that he is aggressively working to turn his vision into a reality within the next few years.

Despite facing daunting technical challenges, Musk remains determined to make his vision of a human colony on Mars a reality. A recent Starship test flight ended in an explosive crash, highlighting the slow progress. However, Musk hopes that the third test this year will finally reach orbit and demonstrate the vehicle’s capabilities.

In addition to establishing a human colony on Mars, Musk has also discussed plans to construct a permanent Moon base in the future. He emphasizes the importance of humanity having a presence on both planets as part of its “multi-planetary” strategy. While there are many obstacles ahead, Musk’s companies have achieved major milestones once thought improbable – such as reusable orbital rockets – and he remains optimistic about what lies ahead for space exploration.

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