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Mountains 3 To 4 Times Higher Than Mount Everest Found Deep Inside Earth: Scientists

These underground mountain peaks are referred to as ultra-low velocity zones or ULVZs.

The deep Earth includes mountains with peaks 3 to 4 occasions larger than Mount Everest, scientists have located. According to the BBC, a group of authorities from Arizona State University utilised seismology centres in Antarctica and located these astonishingly large mountains in the boundary amongst the core and mantle, about two,900 kilometres deep inside our planet. 

“The mountain-like structures they revealed are utterly mysterious,” the BBC report study. Scientists explained that these underground mountain ranges – dubbed ultra-low velocity zones or ULVZs – had managed to escape the experts’ gaze all these years till earthquakes and atomic explosions generated adequate seismic information to be spotted by them. 

Scientists think that these large mountain ranges are more than 24 miles (38 kilometres) in height, whilst Mount Everest is about five.five miles (eight.eight kilometres) from the surface. “Analysing 1000’s of seismic recordings from Antarctica, our higher-definition imaging technique located thin anomalous zones of material at the CMB [core-mantle boundary] everywhere we probed,” Arizona State University geophysicist Edward Garnero mentioned in a statement.

“The material’s thickness varies from a handful of kilometres to 10’s of kilometres. This suggests we are seeing mountains on the core, in some locations up to five occasions taller than Mt. Everest,” he added. 

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Additional, as per the report, authorities explained the attainable purpose behind the formation of these mysterious mountain peaks. They think that these ancient formations have been developed when oceanic crusts have been formed into Earth’s interior. They also argue that it could have begun with tectonic plates slipping down into our planet’s mantle and sinking to the core-mantle boundary. These then gradually spread out to kind an assortment of structures, leaving a trail of each mountains and blobs. This would, as a result, imply that these mysterious mountains are created of ancient oceanic crust, which is a mixture of basalt rock and sediments from the ocean floor. 

Now, with this current discovery, scientists are in search of to argue that these underground mountains could play a crucial function in how heat escapes the Earth’s core. “Seismic investigations, such as ours, offer the highest resolution imaging of the interior structure of our planet, and we are discovering that this structure is vastly additional complex than when believed,” study co-author and University of Alabama geoscientist Samantha Hansen mentioned in a statement.  

“Our investigation delivers vital connections amongst shallow and deep Earth structure and the all round processes driving our planet,” she added. 

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